Local Program To Help Cancer Survivors

May 28, 2013

Credit www.urmc.rochester.edu

The Wilmot Cancer Center has launched a program to help cancer survivors navigate a life without the disease.  

The Judy DiMarzo Survivorship Program will help patients address a number of concerns including post-treatment side effects, financial worries, and fears about their cancer returning.  Through the clinical survivorship program, patients and their families receive a personalized treatment summary, which is also shared with the patient's primary care physician to coordinate continuity of care.  

The program's lead nurse coordinator, Alicia Coffin, says the services are now available to Wilmot Cancer Center patients who have been treated for lymphoma, or breast or prostate cancer.  "A lot of insurances will cover the visits. If they didn't for some reason, that wouldn't stop us from seeing patients. We have funding and support that would allow us to see patients if insurance wouldn't cover the costs."

The program is named in memory of Judy DiMarzo, who lost her nine-year battle with lymphoma in 2009.