Local Job Market Sees Some Gains

Jul 18, 2013

Credit PBS.org

The latest monthly unemployment report from New York State shows some improvement for the Rochester area.

The number of private sector jobs in the Rochester region rose by 1700 in June, compared to June of last year.  That's not quite as robust as some of the monthly gains we saw last year, but state labor analyst Tammy Marino says it's still part of a pretty good trend.

"We've had job growth over the past three years. Even though the rate of job growth has slowed somewhat in the past year, we're still looking at very consistent job growth, and that's positive,” Marino told WXXI News.

Marino says some of the growth we saw locally was in construction jobs and also professional and technical jobs. The statewide unemployment rate was 7.5%, which was actually slightly less than the national jobless rate. The Rochester unemployment rate comes out next week.