Local Aleppo native hopes to return to help it rebuild

Dec 23, 2016

University of Rochester student and Aleppo native Iyad Sayed Issa says he doesn't talk about politics or religion.

He says he doesn't even talk about the war when he speaks with friends and relatives back home.

Sayed Issa describes what has happened in his hometown as dejecting...

"Everything that's going on there for the past six years, five now, going on six. It's just sad. That's all I feel, my basic reaction is sadness," he said.

Sayed Issa is sophomore at the University of Rochester, studying biochemistry.

He also attended the University of Aleppo for two years, but was forced to leave.

"Knowing that there's a chance that you might be the next victim, is terrifying.  I tried to stay as much as I can, but at the end, I just had to leave," he said.

Sayed Issa adds he hopes to complete his studies and return to Aleppo when it is safe, and make a contribution.

"There's a lot of things that need to be rebuilt, fixed. For me and I know for many of my friends, we'd like to be part of the rebuilding process."