Life Saving Training for Law Enforcement Officers

Jul 22, 2014

Officials demonstrate how naloxone is administered to reverse heroin or opioid overdoses
Credit Alex Crichton / WXXI

The State Division of Criminal Justice Service is joining other state agencies in training law enforcement officials on how to use naloxone.

It's a drug that can reverse the effects of a heroin or opioid overdose.

Mike Green, head of the State Division of Criminal Justice Services, says officers are often the first on the scene responding to a report of an overdose, and with the proper training, they now have a life-saving tool.

The naloxone is administered as a nasal spray.

Jim Tesoriero with the state health department, says the drug has been available since 2006, but production has been ramped up because of the surge in heroin use in New York.

He says it is a challenge to meet the rising demand for the drug.

Over 50 officers from 18 agencies have registered to attend the training sessions.

They'll get one hour classes, while training officers will attend two-hour "train the trainer" sessions.

The training is underway today and tomorrow at MCC's Public Safety Training Facility.

Green says the state is providing the training and the naloxene to law enforcement agencies for no charge.

Dr. Jeremy Cushman from the University of Rochester demonstrates how the naloxone is used: