Kodak Alaris Releases A New Product

Oct 15, 2013

A spinoff from the recently restructured Kodak has released its first product . The product is actually a service being provided by Kodak Alaris, which was spun off from Kodak recently and is owned by the UK based pension plan. The new Kodak Photo Service makes it easier for people who want to print pictures from a mobile device, such as a smartphone, to selected retailers, by using a Kodak kiosk.

Larry Trevarthen is a vice president of business development for Kodak Alaris. He says right now, the new service is available through kiosks in Target stores, and in Bartell Drugs, which is a Seattle-based chain.

“They can now print from those applications directly to a target or a Bartell’s store near them, so it’s really connecting in with the applications where the pictures are now residing. “

Trevarthen says Kodak right now is working with a variety of photo app developers including Camera Ace, Perfect 365 and WedPics.  The company hopes to add more apps as time goes on.