"Keystone Habits" Credited With Improving Success

Oct 7, 2013

Dr. Uma Gupta

Can focusing your efforts on developing one key habit improve your life or the success of your organization?  

That is the theory behind “keystone habits,” and the focus of a presentation Tuesday at a Digital Rochester event. 

Dr. Uma G. Gupta, consultant and speaker, helps individuals and organizations understand their decision-making skills and biases using the latest findings in brain research. 

Gupta says a keystone habit is “the mother of all habits”. “It’s a habit that can affect change, almost effortlessly, in other parts of our lives by triggering other habits and outcomes. “It has high impact, it is transformational, and the return on investment in a keystone habit can be superb. You pull this puppet and other ‘habit puppets’ dance and obey your command.” 

Gupta uses as an example, the decision by former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill, when he was CEO of the Aluminum Company of America, Alcoa.  O’Neill chose to focus on worker safety throughout the organization.  Within a year of that decision, Alcoa’s profits hit an all-time high.   

“Because everybody was engaged around the safety concept, because it had such great appeal to every employee who walked into Alcoa, it really also resulted in great buy-in and great pride and the work that each and every one of them did,” says Gupta. 

Gupta’s presentation “Achieving Your Goals Through Keystone Habits,” is scheduled for 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, October 8 at Locust Hill Club. 

To register visit https://www.runmyclub.com/dr/eventcalendar.asp