Job growth numbers drop in the Rochester area in July

Aug 17, 2017

Credit PBS.org

The latest numbers out from the NYS Labor Department show a decline in private sector jobs in the Rochester area in July compared to a year ago.

There were 1,400 fewer jobs in the latest figures, making Rochester one of three metro areas to see declines for the month. Buffalo and Elmira were the other two.

But state labor analyst Tammy Marino says  that as with some other reports out this year, she doesn’t think these numbers accurately reflect what is going on in the local job market.

“In fact, many of these measures indicate a job market that’s expanding; unemployment insurance claims are down over the past year and the quarterly census of employment and wages indicates that the local job market is rather robust and expanding,” she told WXXI News.

Marino says construction and health care are the two sectors that had the strongest showing in the latest job growth figures.

Marino says the local job market usually peaks in the fall, with the return of school staff, and retailers hiring for the holiday shopping season.