It's Time to ROC the Day

Dec 12, 2012

The second annual ROC the Day online fundraising event is underway.

From now til 11:59 tonight, people can donate to their favorite organization or cause at roctheday.org.

Juli DeLaurentis is spokesperson with the United Way of Greater Rochester
DeLaurentis says these online days of giving have proven to be successful in other communities, and given the generosity of the Rochester community, it should also work here.
She says people can go to roctheday.org and click "donate now."
From there they can find a list of 600 registered organizations and programs.
Or they can search by category or the county the organizations serve.
DeLaurentis says this online fundraiser is separate from the United Way's annual campaign.
She says there is a broader spectrum of organizations people can support through ROC the day, from animal rights groups to volunteer fire departments and religious institutions.
And in the interest of full disclosure, WXXI is a registered organization seeking donations.