Israeli official visits Jewish cemetery in Rochester that was vandalized

Mar 9, 2017

Credit Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

The Israeli Consul General  in New York, Dani Dayan met with Mayor Lovely Warren and CEO of the Rochester Jewish Federation Meredith Dragon on Thursday afternoon

The meeting was in response to a number of anti-semitic incidents around the country including in Rochester.

Speaking in the Waad Hakalel Cemetery in Rochester, where several grave stones were vandalized recently, Dayan said he had hoped news like this was a thing of the past.

"We thought that the anti-semitism in this country would be a thing to read about in history text books and not news websites and TV stations. That means everyone here will have to invest more in education against bigotry against racism against anti-semitism."

Dayan said he traveled to Rochester to show solidarity with the local Jewish community, and that it is encouraging to see federal and state reaction to the incident, as well as the grassroots response to these actions.

CEO of the Jewish Federation of Rochester Meredith Dragon also is grateful for the support the Jewish community has received.

“In the past I think Jewish communities have felt very alone and very isolated, and we're not feeling that today.”

Police are still investigating the incident at the cemetery on Stone Road. Authorities are also investigating an incident this week where a bomb threat caused the evacuation of the Jewish Community Center in Brighton, one of several incidents at JCC’s and other Jewish organizations around the country this week.