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6:13 pm
Fri September 30, 2011

In Interview With Public Radio, Cuomo Leaves Door Open for PEF Settlment Without Lay Offs, Agreement on Redistricting

Albany, New York – Governor Andrew Cuomo in an interview with public radio, says he's open to discussing some "tweaks" in the union contract rejected by PEF members, but says whether lay offs occur or not is "100% up to PEF" leadership.

The governor also floated a possible compromise to his veto threat against the legislative redistricting commission. Cuomo has said he won't accept lines that are not independently drawn and non partisan. He now says "to the extent there is a situation where people want to compromise, fine", and says he thinks there are talks going on with the legislature right now.

Cuomo continues to believe costs from storms Irene and Lee won't break the state budget, and predicts the legislature will not be returning until January.

"I enjoyed it very much when they were here, but I can wait until January," Cuomo said.