Immunization clinic hours extended to get students ready for school

Sep 5, 2017

Credit Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

The Monroe County's Immunization Clinic on Westfall Road is extending its hours in an effort to get all students up to date with the vaccinations they need to attend school.

If lacking the proper immunizations, students are given a 14-day period to get them before being asked to leave school.

Erin Graupman, Coordinator for Health Services for the Rochester City School District says on average they see 300-400 students reach the last day of that period, and have to leave school until they receive those vaccinations.

This is why they are extending the hours says Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo, because it’s an easy thing to let slip by.

"As people realize the summer has wound down, your vacation is over and you think "Oh my goodness, I have one last piece. I've got the backpack, I've got the pencils, I've got the lunch pail. I forgot about the immunizations."

Monroe County Commissioner of Public Health Michael Mendoza says it’s essential for students to get vaccinated not only for themselves but for their classmates as well.

"As a physician I want to underscore again that vaccines are safe and effective. There should be no question that kids should be getting their vaccines in today's day and age."

He urges everyone in the household to make sure their immunizations are up to date, but especially kids who need them to go to school.

The vaccines are free and open to any student in Monroe County, beginning September 6th with walk-in hours from 11am to 6pm every Wednesday until October 4th.

Extra walk-in hours will be offered on Thursday September 14th and Thursday September 21st. Tuesdays are by appointment.

Parents are urged to bring in any health insurance cards and letters received from school about missing shots.