Huge Drug Bust in Rochester

Rochester, NY – Law enforcement officials in Rochester shut down the largest cocaine distribution ring in more than 15 years.
It was a massive operation that transported drugs from Florida and New York City to Rochester.
The investigation code-named Operation Snowbird was a year long investigation that included covert surveillance, wiretaps, and numerous searches.
Wednesday morning 28 individuals wer charged with conspiring in a massive drug distribution network that transported cocaine from Florida and New York City to be sold throughout the western regions of the state. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman made the official announcement.
New York State Police Superintendent Joseph D'Amico says this was the largest drug ring he's seen in his career.
More than 34 kilos of cocaine were seized totalling nearly 3 million dollars as well as 750,000 in cash, 8 guns and 5 cars. The group used more than a dozen locations in Monroe County to stash the drugs, cash and weapons.