HopeLine Can Be a Lifeline for Domestic Violence Victims

Oct 22, 2013

That old cell phone gathering dust in a drawer can be a life-saver for victims of domestic violence.

That's according to the CEO at Alternatives for Battered Women, Jaime Saunders.

She says Rural/Metro Medical Services has kicked off the "HopeLine" program, a year-long phone drive where old unused cell phones are collected, recycled and refurbished, with the proceeds used to provide new phones to the survivors of domestic violence in the community.

Rural/Metro has kicked off the effort, donating 80 wireless phones, batteries and accessories.

People can donate their old phones at Rural/Metro locations and Verizon Wireless stores.

Saunders adds says today's technology offers abusers a way to track their victim, so having an alternative safe phone can be a life line for victims and survivors.