Hickey Freeman To Make Ralph Lauren Line

May 5, 2014

Hickey Freeman CEO Stephen Granovsky and U-S Senator Chuck Schumer announcing deal.
Credit Alex Crichton / WXXI

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer spoke before scores of Hickey Freeman factory workers on Monday, telling them the company has secured a deal to make Polo Ralph Lauren's "Blue Label" clothing line of suits, pants and sports jackets at the North Clinton Avenue plant.

The deal is part of the "Made in America" initiative, where Polo is looking to bring more of its production back to the United States.

Hickey Freeman CEO Stephen Granovsky says the agreement to produce Polo Ralph Lauren is the first of many more to come. Granovsky says the deals will add up to 50 jobs, and bring the factory up to full employment levels, with over 400 workers.

Granovsky maintains Hickey Freeman is stable and profitable, and a series of growth initiatives are underway which will further stabilize a company that has seen three ownership groups the last seven years.

Schumer says Hickey Freeman and Polo Ralph Lauren are well-suited to bring jobs to Rochester.

Inside the Hickey Freeman Plant in Rochester