Health Officials Say An Algae Bloom Identified In Conesus Lake

Aug 19, 2014

Livingston County health officials say that a blue-green algae bloom has been found at the Northeast area of Conesus Lake and may also be located in other areas of the lake.

The health department says that contact with the algae may result in some health effects such as itching or rashes. You are advised not to drink or use the water in Conesus Lake for cooking and do not come into direct contact with the algae in that water.  If that happens, wash with soap and clean water.

Pets also should not be allowed to come into contact with visibly green-colored water.  Health officials say it is safe to be involved in recreational activities such as swimming and water-skiing in parts of Conesus Lake that do not have the visible blue-green algae.  

This does not affect the public water supply in that area.