Gun Buyback Program Results Are Released

Oct 5, 2013

Credit WXXI News

More than 240 guns have been taken off of Rochester streets. That's according to Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard. On Friday he joined the Southwest Gun Buyback Committee and representatives from the state Attorney General's office to update the community on a gun drop-off program that took place over the weekend.

Authorities say they retrieved 150 hand guns, 89 long guns, 3 antique or non-functional weapons and an assortment of ammunition.

Police Chief James Sheppard says it’s not just the quantity of guns involved, but the fact that residents are willing to help.

"This is just a small example of what we see on a daily basis. But it is a start because it’s significant that this is initiated by the community wanting to do something based on what's been going on in the city for a number of years."

Sheppard says four of the over 200 weapons turned in by the public were stolen. He says the owners of these weapons will be contacted, and then returned. Police will melt down the remaining guns.

The New York State Attorney General's office donated $16,000  for the gun buyback. Groveland Correctional facility inmates raised nearly $1500  to also contribute the program.

People received $50 debit cards for long guns, $100 for assault weapons and $75 for hand guns.