"Grey's Anatomy" Features Local Medical Drama

Oct 21, 2013

Dr. Christopher Cove consults with Jamie Arliss
Credit www.urmc.rochester.edu

This week "Grey's Anatomy" will be portraying a real-life medical drama that happened at the University of Rochester Medical Center several years ago.

35-year old Jamie Arliss of Clyde, Wayne County, was diagnosed in 2008 with a rare heart tumor.  After getting a grim diagnosis from a number of physicians, she was finally treated successfully by URMC cardiologist Christopher Cove. 

After consulting with URMC neurosurgeon Babak Jahromi, they came up with a way to inject Arliss' tumor with a type of surgical  super glue.  “It was exciting that it was a young, healthy patient with a life-threatening disease. There was no treatment. There was a kind of serendipitous meeting between two physicians doing a procedure that had never been done before.”

Cove says Arliss is tumor-free today with an excellent prognosis. 

The doctor was contacted by producers for "Grey's Anatomy" after the story of the successful treatment was reported nationally and internationally.

The episode featuring the local drama is scheduled for Thursday night at 9.