Greece Supervisor Wants To Toughen The Town Code

Apr 11, 2014

Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich is outlining a number of  developments expected in his town this year. This week, Reilich delivered a “State of the Town “  address to the Chamber of Commerce there, and talked about his first 100 days in office.

Reilich is also looking forward to action by the town board on toughening up code violations for absentee landlords.

"Some of the neighborhoods in Greece, you can buy a home for $75,000 or $80,000  and when you have an investor that's coming in perhaps from California, or New York City, that's very appealing to buy a few houses on a street and rent them out and then not really budget for maintenance."

Reilich says the changes in the code regulations would, among other things, require town inspections of these properties every three years.  

Among other improvements Reilich expects in the next year, changes at Braddock's Bay lodge, a new pavilion on the town hall campus, and some new businesses coming to town.

"We're looking at a few new car dealerships coming along Ridge Road West, we're looking at a number of new restaurants coming to town, so we're excited about the commercial development, it not only provides jobs for residents in the towns, but also offsets the rate of property taxes for the residential homeowner ."

Reilich says the town is also planning a new pavilion on the town hall campus to be used for concerts, picnics and other activities. And he says Greece is looking at acquiring additional parkland with direct access to Lake Ontario.