Governor Says Educating Prisoners Will Save Money

Feb 20, 2014

Governor Cuomo Talks to Reporters, Thursday
Credit Michelle Faust

 On a visit to Rochester Thursday, Governor Andrew Cuomo said his plan to fund college classes for prison inmates would bring down the crime rate and, in turn, the cost of the state's prison system.

Cuomo was at the Eastman Business Park to give a regional budget presentation and to announce a 3 million dollar grant for a new Bioscience Manufacturing Center.

 After the speech, the governor said he wanted to reduce the 60 thousand dollars per year per inmate it costs to keep criminals in prison.

 "You want to save money? Get the inmates educational skills! The recidivism rate goes down to 4 percent, believe it or not. Just on the numbers, it's a very prudent investment."

 Much of the governor's speech focused on reducing taxes and spending in New York State and investing in businesses Upstate.