Gateways Music Festival Celebrating Musicians of African Descent

Jul 31, 2013

Organizers say it's a unique musical experience, with five days of classical music concerts with musicians of African decent.

The biennial Gateways Music Festival returns this year, with an expected 90 musicians entertaining an estimated five thousand people at a number of free concerts.

Co-chair of the festival's planning committee, Barbara Jones, says the purpose is to open up performance opportunities for musicians and to allow the community to better understand and better see that there are musicians of African decent in the field of classical music.

Jones says the festival helps bring to the public classical many people have not been exposed to or known about.

WXXI is the media sponsor for the event.

The Gateways Music Festival runs August 14th to the 18th at a number of venues, including churches, schools, private homes and concert halls.

Here's video of two students from the Muhammed School of Music in Buffalo, performing at Rochester City Hall: