Gas Prices Make A Rapid Rise In Rochester

Jul 22, 2013

Credit WXXI photo

Gas prices continue their upward spiral nationally and here in the Rochester area.  Locally, the AAA says gas prices are averaging $3.83  a gallon, which is up a dime in just the last week. Local AAA  spokesman Steve Pacer says there are a couple of factors at work here.

“Increased demand in the U.S., you know, it is the summer, it is typical that people go on road trips this time of the year, and when there’s higher demand, that means less supply and that drives prices up, and also what’s happening in Egypt, though it’s not a major oil producer, its proximity to major oil producing countries has pushed the price of crude oil up to year-long highs.”

Pacer says it’s hard to say exactly what will happen, but he says prices could continue rising through the summer.

We are still some distance away from the all-time highest gas price for the Rochester area, which was $4.24 a gallon set in July of 2008.