Free Health Screenings for Women

Aug 26, 2013

Health officials say the annual Women's Health Screening Fair at the Public Market has helped a number of people diagnosed with serious health risk factors.

Mayor Tom Richards says the health screening fair has grown every year, and many women who come from challenging circumstances are likely to the principle caregiver, and are taking care of others but not taking care of themselves.

He says the fair brings health screening services directly to women who may need them the most.

Over 200 nurses and physicians will take part in the event, offering free screenings on a number of health risks, from HIV/AIDS to kidney disease, breath health, heart disease and stroke.

Dr. James Woods, former Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Univerisity of Rochester Medical Center, founded the event five years ago.

He was given a "key to the city" for his contributions and advocacy to address women's health issues.