Flu Vaccine Distribution Issues Impact Rochester Area

Oct 24, 2013

Credit www.healthy.ny.gov

There appears to be a slowdown in the distribution of the flu vaccine locally.

Nancy Adams, executive director of the Monroe County Medical Society, says some doctor's offices have used their original supply and haven't been able to re-order it. " I think what this means for people in the long run, is that even if this is just a local distribution problem, people are better off getting their flu shot sooner rather than later."

Adams says the flu vaccine is manufactured in the private sector, and the government doesn't control how it's distributed. 

She advises people to check with local pharmacies or an urgent care center about getting a flu shot if their doctor's office has run out of the vaccine.  

The flu season hasn't hit in earnest yet. There has been only one confirmed case so far in New York State.