Federal Inner Loop Grant Approved

Aug 30, 2013

Credit Friscocali / via Flickr

It appears Rochester is getting closer to filling in a section of the Inner Loop. Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, a Fairport Democrat, and Mayor Tom Richards, say that a nearly $18 million federal grant has been approved to to fill in a portion of the Inner Loop between Monroe Avenue and Charlotte Street.

City officials have been talking for years about trying to fill in that section of the downtown highway, in an effort to help bridge the gap between various city neighborhoods and spur economic development.  They say it will also make the area more pedestrian friendly.

Rochester lost out on a similar grant in 2011, but kept pursuing the federal money. The city is contributing nearly $6 million for the project.

City officials have also talked about using "fill" from work being done at the Port of Rochester to bring part of the Inner Loop up to grade level.