Facing Race, Embracing Equity summit addresses structural inequity in Rochester

Apr 29, 2017

Credit faceracerochester.org

The 4th annual Facing Race, Embracing Equity (FR=EE) Community Summit on Race took place on Saturday.

The event invited community members to join in dialogue designed to address societal and racial issues and provide solutions in Rochester and nationwide.

Summit attendees attended a variety of workshops on topics including structural racism, poverty and racial segregation, police accountability and body cameras as well as Native American communities.

Co-Chair of the group James Norman hopes attendees bring what they learned in the workshops back into the community.

"What we hope they take away is commitment. Commitment to be a part of individual and group actions to make Rochester a more equitable community."

Norman said the workshops were designed as a jumping off point, to inspire participants to work towards achieving racial equity in their everyday lives.

He also wanted to expand on the vocabulary surrounding these issues.

"We hope that people better understand statements like structural racism. We know that when you just say the word, often time it "turns people off" because they immediately think "Well I'm not racist."

Norman said the group is more focused on policies, practices and systems that have the effect of rewarding certain population groups and denying opportunities to others.

“We can’t make world peace. What we’re trying to do is dismantle practices like predatory lending, unnecessary police killings, and children being told that they’re not capable. We’re trying to change things that affect groups of people and we think that’s possible.”

You can find out more about Facing Race, Embracing Equity (FR=EE) at faceracerochester.org