Explosions At The Kenya Mall Siege

Credit www.npr.org

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP)  Kenya's interior minister says officials are ``very certain'' that there are few, if any, hostages left in an upscale shopping mall in Nairobi that was attacked by terrorists with links to al-Qaida over the weekend.  

He says the evacuation of hostages has gone ``very, very well.''    And the country's chief of defense forces says Kenyan troops are in charge of all floors inside the mall -- though he says terrorists could still be hiding inside.    Four explosions at the mall today were followed by volleys of gunfire, and then a thick, dark column of smoke for about 90 minutes. Top Kenyan officials said two hostage-takers had been killed. They were described as being part of a ``multi-national collection from all over the world.''   The Kenyan interior minister has revised the death toll from the attack to 62. Kenyan officials earlier said 59 people have died since the siege began on Saturday.    Yesterday, Kenyan officials announced that ``most'' hostages had been rescued, but no numbers were given. They've never said how many hostages they believed were being held.