Expanding Access To Healthy Food At The Public Market

Oct 10, 2013

Officials have announced a state program designed to increase access to healthy food grown on New York farms is now in place at the Rochester Public Market.  Linda La Violette is Director of Farmers' Markets, Strategic Business Development for Empire State Development.  She says FreshConnect Checks are now available at the Public Market.  People who make a purchase of Market Tokens through the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance, or SNAP program, receive a 2-dollar FreshConnect Checks, equivalent to 40-percent in savings on fresh fruit and vegetables grown on local farms.  Mayor Tom Richards says while the SNAP program is being challenged in Washington, it works here in Rochester, thanks largely to the efforts of the group "Friends of the Public Market."   FOM Board President Maureen Murphy says when people have access to healthy foods, they are more likely to make health food choices.  And that will result in healthier families and increased sales for farmers.