Eastman House Files Lawsuit

Dec 10, 2013

The George Eastman House has filed a lawsuit in an effort to prevent construction of an apartment complex on University Avenue, near the grounds of that photography museum.  Developer Morgan Management has proposed a complex which would include 99 apartments, and would be located 20 feet away from the Eastman House property line.

The lawsuit was filed against not only the developer, but also officials with the city's planning commission and preservation board. Eastman House Director Bruce Barnes says among other things, planning officials issued what is called a 'negative declaration."

"Which means that there's no requirement for an environmental impact statement , we think it's very clear that there's the potential for a significantly adverse impact on the East Avenue preservation district, on the Neighborhood of the Arts and on the George Eastman House. "

Bob Morgan of Morgan Management says he has tried several times to scale down the project to try and meet the concerns of the Eastman House, and he feels he can win this lawsuit.

"We feel confident, we're willing to fight this all the way , we've spent a lot of money fighting it up to now, Mr. Barnes has lawyers , and we have lawyers too, and we'll fight as hard as he wants to fight it.”

Barnes says that the project would impact people who want to enjoy the gardens at the Eastman House, but Morgan contends that people there wouldn't be able to see or hear those using facilities at the apartment complex.