Duffy Says Senate Should Work to Put Dysfunction Behind

Nov 29, 2012

The state’s Lieutenant Governor weighed in on the leadership fight going on in the State Senate, saying the Senators should put aside partisanship and try to work together.  

Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy, whose official job is to preside over the State Senate, stopped short of endorsing the idea of a bi partisan coalition government, proposed by Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein, but he says the Senate should take their cues from Governor Cuomo, who has worked with both parties to achieve his goals.

He says he hopes whatever the outcome,  it will put the “gridlock and hyper partisan behaviors behind”.

“Look at focusing on supporting and serving the people of the state, who really don’t care what party is in power,” Duffy said.

Polls during the elections showed more New Yorkers favored Democrats to be in charge of the Senate.  

Duffy says ultimately, though, it’s up to the Republicans, Democrats and break away Democrats in the Senate to decide how to run the chamber.