Duffy: Federal Shutdown is Embarrassment

Oct 9, 2013

Lt. Governor Bob Duffy was in Rochester Wednesday to keynote the Small Business Council of Rochester's Annual Gala announcing its Business Person of the Year.

He says while there's gridlock in Washington, state government is working and New York State is ready to assist where it can.
And while New York doesn't have enough money to fill all those gaps created by the federal shutdown, it can step in when there's no help from the federal government.

Duffy says the federal government shutdown is an embarrassment to everyone, and it's time federal leaders work on an agreement and come to a consensus and get back to work.

While in Rochester, Duffy stressed that small business is the backbone of our economy.

And the Cuomo administration is addressing the burdens facing small business by enacting a property tax cap, and by forming a Tax Relief Commission charged with recommending ways to reduce property and business taxes.