Duffy Defends House Purchase

Aug 22, 2013

Lt Gov Robert Duffy speaks to reporters at the State Fair in Syracuse Thursday

New York’s Lieutenant Governor Bob Duffy says he takes “offense” that anyone would infer he did something improper when he bought a house through a private sale from a long time friend who is also head of a leading Rochester Business Lobby group.

Duffy paid just over half a million dollars for a house on Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes in a private transaction several months ago.  The Albany Times Union reports the house was owned by head of the Rochester Business Alliance, Sandy Parker. Duffy says Parker is a long time friend, but there was no “sweetheart” deal. The Lieutenant Governor, speaking to reporters after opening the State Fair in Syracuse,  says he did nothing wrong, and was not required to disclose the purchase to the state ethics board.

“I in no way have any qualms whatsoever about something my wife and I did that was something totally above board, totally ethical ,” Duffy said. “The one thing I did not do- I did not hold press conference, nor should I ever think I would have to.”

Duffy says he and Parker did not use real estate agents. He says they instead hired attorneys who handled everything.

The Lieutenant Governor also addressed speculation that he might want to leave the statewide ticket in 2014 to be the next head of the Rochester Business Alliance.

“I have not applied or sought any other positions,” said Duffy, who said he “can’t help the rumors”.