Doctors to Parents: Limit Your Kids' Media Usage

Oct 29, 2013

Credit www.superintin.com

The American Academy of Pediatrics is renewing its recommendation that parents put major limits on their kids' texting, tweeting and social media activities.

According to the academy, kids should be spending less than two hours a day on Facebook, Twitter, or other Internet sites used for entertainment.

How to keep them away from the screen?  Pediatrician Dr. Tracey Henderson of Rochester General Health System has one idea. “One of the things that I think is a great strategy for parents is to try to participate more with their kids’ media usage and actually view things on television and the internet together, monitor what the children are viewing and keeping the screens in a more public area of the house rather than the bedrooms.”

Doctors say unrestricted access to electronic devices has been linked to violence, cyberbullying, problems at school, obesity, lack of sleep, and other issues.