DEC Investigates Fish Kills In Irondequoit Bay

May 8, 2013

Credit wxxi.org

Scientists for the DEC are trying to determine what is causing hundreds of fish to die in Irondequoit Bay. 

State officials say they have received several complaints about fish kills on Irondequoit Bay since late April.  A fish biologist inspected the north end of the bay last month, and collected samples which were sent to Cornell University for further study.

The DEC says most of the dead and dying fish were gizzard shad. Officials say those fish are sensitive to environmental changes and may be reacting to the change in temperature caused by cold water circulating in the bay.  They also say the fish may be stressed because of a long winter and they are preparing to spawn.

Scientists say this is a fairly common phenomenon, and large numbers of the gizzard shad fish die nearly every year. Lab results are expected soon.