David F. Gantt Center to remain open during latest storm

Mar 14, 2017

David F. Gantt Community Center on North Street
Credit Alex Crichton

Some Rochester residents are staying at the David F. Gantt Center after losing their power last week, and are facing a snow storm this week.

The city says the Gantt R-Center will continue to operate as a temporary emergency shelter for residents without heat until further notice.

Bonita Benz of Rochester lost power last Wednesday at her home on North Clinton Avenue.

She says even though power has been restored, she's going to stay one more day at the shelter.

"I don't mind, it's very nice. It's good they got places like this so you don't have to stay in the house and freeze," she said.

Bonita Benz says her power is back on, but she doesn't mind spending an extra day at the shelter

Charles Diorio supervises the Red Cross operation at the shelter.

He says around 50 people were at the center over the weekend, and many have gone home since their power was restored.

But with this latest storm, more people may be seeking shelter at the Gantt Center.

"That's why we're still open, because we don't know what is going to happen with the new storm. But we're providing sleeping, blankets, clean up kits, food, snacks, water," he said.

Sharon Lally of Webster is with the Red Cross.

She says residents are very grateful the shelter is available.

"A lot of residents have had some hardships at home, with no power and losing food, and so it's nice that they can come here and have a warm place to sleep, and know they are getting three good meals a day," she said.

Charles Diorio is supervising the shelter for the Red Cross

As of 2 this afternoon, there were still around 3900 people in Monroe County without power after last week's wind storm.