DACA rescindment may impact "dozens" of students at the University of Rochester

Sep 6, 2017

The University of Rochester doesn't have exact figures on how many students may be impacted by President Trump's decision to rescind the the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA -- the program designed to protect young immigrants from deportation.

That's according to the director of International Services Office at the school, Cary Jensen.

He says the school doesn't know the immigration status of everyone studying there, but he estimates there are dozens of such students at the school.

"There's not even, as far as I know, a definitive number of who would be either in the DACA category or undocumented, outside of DACA," he said.

Jensen says it's difficult to come up with a specific number of students at the U of R who are participating in DACA because his office oversees students who are here officially on the U of R's sponsorship.

Credit .iso.rochester.edu

His office administers the visa programs which are officially authorized by federal agencies.

Jensen says whatever the number, he agrees with President Joel Seligman's statement that the school will do everything to support DACA within the bounds of the law.

He says the international student body is very important to the U of R.

"I get to work with them one on one, especially the ones that are having some challenges, and I'm telling you they are just exceptional people.  We want them here and we want them succeeding," he said.

Jensen adds he's disappointed in President Trump's decision, but he's not surprised, based on the rhetoric of the presidential campaign.