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3:28 pm
Wed November 17, 2010

Cuomo Seeks Expedited Senate Recount

Albany, New York – Governor -elect Andrew Cuomo has written a letter to the State's chief judge, asking for expedited court action in three disputed State Senate races that will determine the outcome of which party controls the State Senate.

In the past, recounts in State Senate races have dragged on after Election Day until the following February. If the three races in Buffalo, Westchester and Long Island that are in dispute also remain unresolved for that long, Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo will begin his administration without any clear sense of who is in control of the State Senate.

Cuomo has asked Court of Appeals Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman to step in and speed up the process, saying that "a Senate in limbo is not only undesirable, but also unacceptable."

A spokesman for Lippman says the judge has received the letter and agrees the matter is "urgent", and will address it "promptly", likely before the end of the week.

A spokesman for Senate Democrats, who have requested a more comprehensive recount in the races, says they too want a "timely and responsible process", as long as at "leads to a complete and honest count of very vote". Democrats are currently behind in two of the recounts.

A spokesman for Senate Republicans says they agree with Governor- elect Cuomo, and that a "needless, protracted delay" will only create "gridlock" in the Senate. They say there's no evidence that voters have been disenfranchised and that the Democrats are just "desperate".