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11:43 am
Mon May 23, 2011

Cuomo Releases Video Backing Gay Marriage

Albany, New York –
Governor Andrew Cuomo has released another video message- this time on the topic of permitting gay marriage in New York.

Cuomo's message comes in the same week that an anti- gay marriage rally is to take place at the Capitol. The governor asks viewers to contact their legislator to urge a yes vote to legalize gay marriage, saying it's a basic civil right.

"This is matter of fairness and equality," said Cuomo. "It is not a question of religion or culture, but a question of legal rights and government policies."

The governor has not yet introduced a bill, saying he wants to make sure there are enough votes in the State Senate first. Supporters are battling to get former no votes to change their minds, while opponents urge the Senators to hold their ground.

The evangelical christian- based group Mayday for Marriage plans to hold a rally against same sex marriage at the Capitol midday Tuesday.

Link to Cuomo video