Cuomo Opts for State Fair, Instead of Rest of President's Upstate Tour

Aug 22, 2013

Governor Cuomo skipped most of President Obama’s upstate swing on Thursday, preferring to greet the President in Buffalo and then attending the State fair in Syracuse on his own.

Cuomo initially said he would only be able to greet the President when Mr. Obama arrived in Buffalo, because he had to get his daughters ready for college. But after meeting the President on the tarmac, and listening to his  speech at the State University at Buffalo , the governor found time to stop by the State Fair in Syracuse, where he toured the sights with his three daughters and ate the obligatory sausage. Cuomo says he discussed  the President’s plan to make higher education more affordable when he briefly met with Mr. Obama.

“This is a vitally important topic,” Cuomo said. “Everyone knows they need a college education. They just don’t how they’re going to pay for it.”

It’s an issue the governor, with twins off to Brown and Harvard, says he can relate to.

“You’re telling me,” Cuomo said. “I almost couldn’t afford the sausage”.

Cuomo will also not be joining President Obama in Binghamton on the second day of the President’s Upstate New York tour on Friday.