County Democratic Lawmakers Have Concerns About Internal Investigation

Nov 7, 2013

Democrats on the Monroe County Legislature are calling on the Republican County Executive not to oversee an internal investigation into the operation of Local Development Corporations.

The request from the minority party on the legislature comes after word this week that four people have been indicted in connection with an investigation by the state into the LDC’s, including Robert Wiesner, who is married to County Executive Maggie Brooks.

Legislative minority leader Carrie Andrews is not comfortable with the idea that Brooks is overseeing the internal probe.

"I really think the county executive needs to do the right thing here and recuse herself from this internal investigation into these local development corporations, or LDC's, put simply, the county executive just cannot investigate herself ."

Former U.S. Attorney Dennis Vacco was hired by the county in July to conduct an internal investigation into concerns about two of the LDC’s, and on Wednesday, Brooks ordered some changes to the structure of the organizations. She also said that the county's public safety director, David Moore, would oversee the boards of the two local development corporations.

A spokesman for Brooks issued a statement which reiterates Vacco's comments saying that is is clear to him his investigation was to have no limits and that he will have full and autonomous control over the internal review. Vacco also says it's not in anyone's interest to politicize the state attorney general's investigation.