County accepting bids on next phase of airport renovation project

Jul 17, 2017

County officials are announcing the next phase in the $60 million  renovation of the Greater Rochester International Airport.

County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo says a bid package for the new canopy at the airport has gone out. and this project comes with a BUY AMERICA mandate.

"All steel and iron that is used in this project must come from domestic sources," she said.

The canopy will be 75,000 square feet and require 420 tons of American-made steel.

It's designed to protect people from the elements, and provide additional security with the latest surveillance technology.

That's important, according to airport Director Mike Giardino.

"Obviously, security is number one at the airport, and our ability to use technology and put technology with a frame that this will provide us, this will help us a great deal." he said.

Giardino said the design was completed last fall, and they are ready to construct.

Dinolfo adds the design of the canopy is similar to what is seen as the Strong Museum.

"You'll see as we go forward, other parts of our renovation will be showcasing the excitement of Monroe County. It's about making people feel welcome, attracting businesses to the county of Monroe. From the time that they step foot off the airport to the time they get back on, we want people excited about being here, investing here and staying here," she said.

A bid package went out July 14th, and officials expect construction on the new airport canopy will begin in September.

The work is part of a $60 million airport renovation, with about $40 million of that coming from the state.

Here’s County Executive Dinolfo talking about the new canopy: