Cost of a U of R Degree Goes Up

Mar 23, 2014

The cost of room and board at the University of Rochester will go up next year, along with the amount of student financial aid.

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The school's board of trustees approved a tuition hike of 3.5 percent for undergraduates and students at the Eastman School of Music. Tuition at the University's professional schools will also go up at about the same percentage rate.

Room and board will rise four-point-four percent.

How much does it add up to? Tuition: $46,150. Food and a bedroom: $13,638. Total: just under 60-grand. That puts the base price of a four year bachelor's degree at $240,000.

In a statement on the school website, President Dr. Joel Seligman says "The University is committed to moderating the rate of tuition and cost of attendance increases, while strengthening our position as one of the nation's leading research universities."

"Providing financial assistance to meet the need of current and future students is a priority," said Seligman. For the 2014-15 academic year, the College has increased its commitment to student financial aid by 7.8 percent.

2014-14 Tuition Rates for UR professional schools:

  • $48,400 for the School of Medicine and Dentistry, up 4.1%
  • $59,660 for the School of Nursing's three semester accelerated program, up 3.3%
  • $50,820 for the Simon School of Business, up 3.5%
  • $41,472 for the Warner School of Education, up 3.8%