Coping With a Death in the Line of Duty

Sep 4, 2014

Credit cismperspectives.com

A former emergency responder is helping Rochester police deal with the death of officer Daryl Pierson, shot in an exchange of gunfire with a suspect Wednesday night.

Daniel McGuire was an EMT for 25 years, and he's currently president of CISM Perspectives, Inc.

His company offers workshops and training for fire, police and emergency departments in dealing with the death in the line of duty.

He says his group trains departments on the importance of making the surviving family the top priority, and that includes police contacting a victims' family before social media.

McGuire says CISM also works to help police and fire departments stay functional in the wake of an incident like this.

He says it's part of his group's extensive after-care program, which includes educating department personell on how this incident will affect them physically, mentally, and spiritually.