Consumer Confidence Gets A Boost In New York State

Jul 5, 2013

Credit www.appsohapps.com

New numbers just out on consumer confidence in New York State show some improvement.

The survey from Siena College shows that consumer optimism grew in June for the the second month in a row. Nearly half of those surveyed say this  is a good time to be purchasing certain kinds of goods. Plans to buy big ticket  items like vehicles, furniture and homes were up around the state.

Pollster Doug Lonnstrom says one reason for the boost in consumer confidence may be that gas prices have leveled off.

"Gas prices have stabilized, so concern about gas impacting the family budget has come down a little bit, not a lot, but it's moving in the right direction, so I think the consumer is seeing things getting better ."

Lonnstrom says one issue that could impact consumer confidence in future months is if oil prices continue to rise because of recent events in Egypt. He says if that causes gas prices to spike, it could dampen New  Yorkers' purchasing plans.