Conservative group stages counter protest to "Day Without a Woman"

Mar 8, 2017

Credit Facebook

As women across the country take part in the national "Day Without a Woman" protest, a Conservative group has formed a counter demonstration.

Right2Speak is an online and social media movement encouraging women to "show up" to serve their communities instead of participating in a work strike.

"The whole concept of not showing up to the place where you are able to help and serve others day in, day out - whether that is the workplace, your home, or your community is so counterintuitive to what we have fought for, for so many years," said group spokesperson Missy Shorey.

She said the current political climate is damaging relationships.

"If we go to a community gathering, a crowd where folks are from the left and from the right and we share our views, we are yelled at.  We are told that we are against women, we are told that we don't matter; we are told very, very harsh things. Some of the behavior that you see at protests happens in people's homes, so you have relationships breaking down."

Shorey said her group suggested that women go to work Wednesday but meet for "power lunches" to share their views.

Right 2 Speak is spreading its message on social media with the hashtags #NotMyProtest and #WeShowUp.