Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, August 9th

Aug 9, 2017

Credit RBTL/LaBella Associates

First hour: The debate over RBTL'sĀ proposal for a downtown performing arts center

Second hour: The value of travel and cultural immersion

The debate over Parcel 5 in Rochester has heated up, with arts groups calling on City Council to more fully vet the proposal for a Broadway theater. Our guests will discuss it:

  • Arnie Rothschild, chairman of the Rochester Broadway Theater League
  • Dana Miller, vice president of Rochester City Council
  • Dawn Lipson, Rochester Arts and Cultural Council

Then in our second hour, Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse is making waves with his new book, offering advice on how to raise children to become responsible adults. One of his ideas is to have kids travel more often, and not necessarily for fun. Sasse says kids need to experience diversity in the world in order to understand that there are other cultures and circumstances. We'll discuss this with our guests, including Paul Burgett, who travels twice annually, often for a month at a time to immerse in a new place. In studio:

  • Paul Burgett, vice president and senior advisor to the president at the University of Rochester
  • Jane Gatewood, vice provost for global engagement at the University of RochesterĀ