Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, June 10th

Jun 9, 2014

Credit Monroe County Bar Association

First hour: Zombie properties, abandoned houses, and Assemblyman David Gantt

Second hour: Investigative journalist Michael Isikoff

In our first hour, the city of Rochester is trying to get rid of so-called "zombie properties." They're left for dead, and these boarded-up hosues become magnets for crime and drugs. Assemblyman David Gantt admitted he stopped paying taxes on one of his city houses in order to allow it to be bulldozed. The city says it's not technically a zombie property, but was it the right move? Our panel discusses the problem.

In our second hour, we sit down with investigative journalist Michael Isikoff. He broke the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal and has been breaking big stories for years. We'll talk about the value of investigative reporting, the way to develop sources, and the power of trust.