Coming up on Connections: Thursday, March 16th

Mar 15, 2017

Credit NPR

First hour: The latest on President Trump's immigration ban; celebrating Persian New Year

Second hour: Fast Forward Film Festival raises awareness of environmental problems

The White House's latest travel ban was thrown out by a federal judge on Wednesday. But countries on President Trump's list have already floated the idea of "reciprocal bans." What would that mean? Our guests can touch on the recent news, but they're also here to discuss Nowruz -- the Persian New Year. We'll talk about the cultural meaning of what it is, along with misconceptions. Our guests:

  • Shahin Monshipour, Iranian American anthropologist who teaches sociology and cultural anthropology at RIT
  • Zari Kamarei, director of the Carlson Science & Engineering Library at the University of Rochester
  • Robert Dunbar, visiting instructor in the Department of Religious Studies at St. John Fisher College

Then in our second hour, the annual Fast Forward Film Festival is coming, bringing an environmental bent to short films. We've had a chance to watch the films, and our guests will explain how they use film to explore questions about climate, art, nature, and more. Our guests:

  • Andy Stern, founder of the Fast Forward Film Festival, and co-founder and executive director of The Lost Bird Project
  • Ben Doran, RIT student and  filmmaker of Log.txt
  • Mary Moore, homeschooled senior and filmmaker of The Decay
  • Eleanore Barrera, senior at Our Lady of Mercy High School and filmmaker of The Decay