Coming up on Connections: Thursday, February 16th

Feb 16, 2017

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First hour: Prominent Republicans propose a carbon tax

Second hour: Previewing the 5th annual Roc Awards

Last week, there was a meeting at the White House between the president's top economic adviser and a group of prominent Republicans proposing a carbon tax. The group, which includes three former Cabinet secretaries, calls itself the Climate Leadership Council. The members say that with Republicans controlling the White House and Congress, it's time for the party to get serious about climate change. They say their idea for a carbon tax is a way to return all revenue raised to the taxpayer. They think it's a pro-market solution to climate change. We'll discuss the idea with our guests:

  • Rob Levine and Chris Steerman, Rochester People’s Climate Coalition
  • Peter Bryn, Citizen’s Climate Lobby

Then in our second hour, have you ever seen or a heard a local artist and thought, "Why hasn't he or she gone national?" Local comedian Yolanda Smilez wanted to recognize those artists, especially artists of color who may have a hard time breaking through. She co-created the Roc Awards. The fifth annual event is set for Sunday at the Kodak Center for Performing Arts. We'll preview the show and talk about what it means for our community. Our guests:

  • Yolanda Smilez, CEO and co-founder of the Roc Awards
  • Tracie Isaac, executive producer
  • Santos Cruz, Latino advocate and videographer