Coming up on Connections: Thursday, April 17th

Apr 16, 2014

12 noon: The lessons of convicted sex offender (and former NY Yankee) Chad Curtis

1pm: Climate change: Can we realistically reverse the trends?

At noon, you'll want to read this riveting, horribly sad story of former New York Yankee Chad Curtis. Curtis is in prison, convicted on multiple felony counts of child sex abuse. Curtis, who caught the final out of the 1999 World  Series, was convicted of molesting teenage girls who trusted him for athletic training. The author of a recent story, Greg Hanlon, joins us to explain how he convinced Curtis to sit down for a jailhouse interview. In studio, we'll hear from two experts about why the Curtis case is an important lesson. Ed Suk of the Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Mary Whittier of Bivona Child Advocacy Center say that sex assault victims are often targeted by trusted authority figures.

At 1pm, the Sierra Club is hosting an event focusing on climate change. What can we do to curb the warming trends? A recent UN study finds that we'd have to cut emissions between 41% and 72% by 2050 to have a chance to prevent severe atmospheric consequences. Those are enormous numbers, and we'll explore what kind of economic effect it would have on a country trying to reach them.