Coming up on Connections: Monday, March 24th

Mar 23, 2014

12 noon: Riding in Rochester: Bikes, buses, pricetags, and the future

1pm: The psychological toll of war

1:30: How to be a friend to a friend who's sick

At noon, RGRTA visits to explain: What's the status on the transit center? What's the updated pricetag? Who's paying for it? To what do they attribute high ridership numbers? And is a bike-sharing program a good idea in Rochester?

At one, longtime colonel with the Medical Service Corps and U.S. Army Reserve Dr. Kathy Plantoni explains "the psychological toll of war," which is the subject of a lecture she'll deliver at Hobart and William Smith on Monday night. Dr. Platoni is considered an expert in the treatment of PTSD.

At 1:30, how to be a friend to a friend who's sick? That's the title and subject of a book by author Letty Cottin Pogrebin, who will be speaking at the JCC in April. Baby them? Pity? Just the opposite? Anyone who's had a friend with cancer or terminal illness knows the challenge.